Florence, 3 July 2019: The Global Talent Program of Savino Del Bene has started, and it will allow a group of young talents, 14 boys and girls of average age 25, to grow and train in a stimulating and dynamic business context.

The Program, developed on 3 days , began at the Worldwide Headquarters in Florence to know more closely the Savino Del Bene’s business reality. The topics covered were the fundamental role of the shipper in the global supply chain, the activities and services offered, the operational and commercial structure as well as the international network. Exceptional trainers, both in the classroom and via Skype from abroad, were the top Management Directors.

The talents had the chance to introduce themselves and meet the President Paolo Nocentini who strongly supported this project, believing always in the energy and innovative spirit of young people.

Now, a structured training program has started for these young talents and under the supervision of Company tutors it will lead them to become complete professionals in the world of international shipping.