#EarthDay As companies and brands take steps to shine light on and implement sustainable practices, supply chain operations often remain overlooked and excluded from CO2 emissions reports, even though the supply chain usually makes up for a significant part of any business’ carbon print.
On the occasion of Earth Day, we highlight the efforts of our Client & Partner VEJA, a trailblazer in the pursuit of a conscious, greener approach to supply chain operations.

VEJA is committed to make their CO2 emissions studies and reports impactful, leaving no blind spots in the analysis of their supply chain, accounting for all its stages, from raw material and freight, to factories and distribution, till end of life of the products, therefore including all operations carried out by their suppliers and partners. This is NOT the practice for most companies, as they do not account – therefore do not take responsibility – for all stages of their supply chain that they do not directly own, which, coincidentally, are the most part.
The commitment to in-depth analysis and utter transparency is what is allowing VEJA to implement disruptive, efficient green practices throughout production and supply chain: regenerative agriculture, ecological leather, upcycled materials, massive recycling programs. In honor of Earth Day, and to gather precious knowledge on how high the impact of supply chain practices actually is on our Planet, we invite you to learn more about VEJA against The Blindness around CO2 Emissions at https://project.veja-store.com/en/single/emissions