Savino Del Bene, Italian leader in the international shipments and first freight forwarder on the Italy – USA airfreight trade lane, is once again ready to support the export of Made in Italy to the US and import to Italy, thanks to the introduction of new weekly charter services. Starting from October 24th the charter flight will connect Milan MXP to NY JFK, during the most dynamic period of the year.

The decrease of passenger flight, the cut of cargo flights by carriers, in addition to the highly congested maritime transport, turned into a lack of airfreight capacity,  increasing the pressure of the international freight transport and putting in serious difficulty the supply chain of the manufacturing companies.

In this context, Savino Del Bene supports the export and import trade between Italy and the US during the peak season, thanks to the introduction of new weekly charter flight services from/to Milan MXP to/from NY JFK starting from October 24th, 2021.

With this initiative, Savino Del Bene proves to be once again, the reliable partner capable to respond to the customers’ business needs, and is committed to finding concrete solutions to ensure the fluidity of the trade between Italy and the United States.