Savino Del Bene is constantly monitoring the Ukraine crisis and the daily updates from the whole world.

The global transport and logistics industry is adapting to the ever-changing market conditions and constant uncertainty.

It is Savino Del Bene’s top priority to ensure that customer needs are met, whilst evaluating and analyzing the market situation to ensure that such difficulties are mitigated as much as possible.

Savino Del Bene suspended all shipments to Ukraine and Russia, until further notice, with the exception of medicines, humanitarian aid and food.

Our worldwide network is managing daily the impacts on the supply chains of the conflict in Ukraine and the subsequent legal sanctions against Russia and Belarus.

Ocean Freight:

  • Many of the largest container lines have decided to suspend bookings to and from both Ukraine and Russia.
  • The Black Sea ports are mostly being removed from port rotation by most major carrier lines
  • The events in Ukraine brought a further increase in Oil prices beyond what we observed recently. We foresee a big impact for both Air Freight Fuel Surcharges (shorter-term) and Ocean BAF (mid-term).


Air Freight: is heavily impacted.

  • The airspace over Ukraine is closed. While many Air freight companies are not entitled to fly over the Russian territories.
  • Many airlines companies introduced the War Risk surcharges
  • Carriers as Volga Dnepr and AirBridge are forbidden to fly in Europe, resulting in a cutting capacity in an already difficult market situation.
  • Nippon Cargo reactivated flights with Italy by shifting the route to Alaska
  • Fuel surcharges are rising more and more every day.
  • The consequences are (source Seabury):
  • 17% share of global air freight trade directly impacted > 1.7 Mio tons Europe to North Asia and 2.5 Mio tons North Asia to Europe
  • 20% Drop in direct air freight capacity between Europe and North-East Asia (Weekend of Feb 26 vs Weekend of Feb 19)
  • 2 hours additional flight time between Europe and North-East Asia


Rail Freight: currently, the rail freight service is still running and transport via the Silk Road is possible.

Alongside, Savino Del Bene is evaluating alternatives to support our clients for any future happenings.

In these extraordinary circumstances, we work daily to create capacity in the air freight market with flight operations, when needed, and to leverage our relationships with the ocean carriers to find short-term capacity for your cargo.

Savino Del Bene encourages all customers impacted by this situation to reach out to our Team, in order to find a tailored logistics solution.

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