Solutions for the nautical industry

The yachting sector is a real flagship of Italian manufacturing and contributes to the prestige of our production culture and craftsmanship that conveys the values that make Made in Italy a brand of worldwide excellence for originality, quality and design. Savino Del Bene, as Italy’s largest logistics operator, has a highly specialised and dedicated team of people in this sector, guaranteeing a high degree of technical expertise, market knowledge, attention and maximum dedication.

Yachts move from one point to another around the globe for a variety of reasons: those that have just been launched and are on their way to be delivered to impatient owners, or those that will be proudly shown off at boat shows all around the world, adventurous sailors who wish to explore new seas without separating from their beloved yacht, or boats roaming between the northern and southern hemisphere chasing the heat of summer. That’s without forgetting the world of regattas and motorboat races where logistics are always complex and schedules are always tight, while super-technological yachts, together with their whole circus, have to move to the next stretch of water to battle it out until the very end.

Many yachts, especially sailing yachts, could face long ocean crossings on their own and this is certainly, what their skippers like to do, but transfers of this kind have drawbacks: high costs and stress for the crew as well as the deterioration of the yacht itself due to hours of sailing in sometimes not so calm waters. For this reason Savino Del Bene offers a “ride” to and from anywhere in the World with quick effective solution and very simple procedures.

Main Services


Assistance on customs clearance and ancillary procedures on behalf of the owner, in order to facilitate all procedures in an optimal and professional way.


Customized insurance coverage guaranteeing the certainty of a service tested worldwide but dedicated to the needs of the Yacht Customer.


Dedicated team of engineers to provide engineering analysis, technical appraisals, supervision of port activities, lifts aimed at satisfying customer requests in order to guarantee the integrity and safety of transport.


We arrange for certified custom cradles, according to all type and size yacht specifications, anywhere in the world.


Loadmasters have extensive experience and knowledge to judge how to perform a lifting, cradle placement and lashing of a yacht in the safest possible way.


Worldwide air transport services and express shipments when there is a need to reach the destination anywhere in the world in the shortest possible time.

Shipping in 5 easy steps

Send an enquiry

Receive a fast quote

Review shipping contract & insurance

Shipping yacht to new destination

Discharge & Enjoy Sailing

The “helm station” of this Division of the Group is on a tower overlooking the port of Genoa in Italy, where all the Yacht Transport & Logistics business is coordinated. In addition to transporting yachts, Savino Del Bene offers the yachting sector with its own worldwide organisation to supply shipyards and urgently distribute spare parts. Thanks to our worldwide network, we can offer ad-hoc solutions that include not only transport but also backup warehouses for shipyards production as well as for after-sales parts distribution.

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