Savino Del Bene está supervisando atentamente la situación cambiante provocada por la propagación del COVID-19. Estamos firmemente comprometidos en mitigar cualquier posible impacto en las cadenas de suministro y operaciones de nuestros clientes, mientras que garantizamos la seguridad de nuestros empleados. Seguimos enfáticamente las recomandaciones proporcionadas por cada Gobierno.

Savino Del Bene permanece operando alrededor del mundo, y continúa ofreciendo transporte internacional y nacional, a la vez que adhiere a las regulaciones gubernamentales y sanitarias. Nuestro alcance global, la tecnología y el sistema multimodal de gestión del transporte global nos permiten seguir apoyando a nuestra red de clientes en todo el mundo.

A medida que contemos con nueva información, iremos publicando la novedades. Si necesita más información, tiene alguna duda o pregunta, no dude en ponerse en contacto con su oficina Savino Del Bene local. 

General Situation

The reductions and cut of passengers flights by the carriers, lead to severe shortage of capacity on important trade lanes. However the request of transporting personal protective equipment and other essential goods has increased but not enough to compensate the global reduction of flights. Savino Del Bene with its long-term partnership with the most important carriers, is working very hard to meet customer’s needs with the organization of weekly Charters solutions especially on the trade lane China – Europe.

Update by Region

Between the European Union and within the Schengen Area the flow of goods is free, but with priority to the flow of essential good such as foodstuff, medical devices and pharmaceuticals, due to this restriction other goods could be affected by delays.

Italy as the first country that implemented the lockdown, on May 4th started to ease the restrictions, industries reopened. Since June 3, it has officially ended its long lockdown of the coronavirus, opening regional and international borders in an attempt to strengthen summer tourism. The rest of the European countries have reopened their businesses but still not the borders to passengers. At the moment, the restoration of free movement within European borders is scheduled for June 15, which will be completed for the entire Schenghen area at the end of June.

Air freight: Savino Del Bene air freight operations are running, but with the stop of passengers’ flights, the cargo capacity has been reduced significantly especially to major markets. In order to respond to the congestion on important lanes, Savino Del Bene is organizing weekly charter freight solution services from China to the main European hub.

Ocean freight: the sea freight service is fully operative but with difficult conditions. Space and equipment remain very tight as all services are filling up. On the Asia-Europe route, due to the low demand for space on vessels, the carriers are introducing blank sailing, as a result non-vessel owning operators have been forced to hold empty equipment longer than usual, incurring more detention and demurrage charges, chassis fees and repositioning costs, in addition to possible interchange fees.

Overland freight: Land transport within the European Union is active but with some slowdowns due to the introductions of the border controls and sanitary measures, however there are Green Lanes at the borders to ensure the flow of goods. Trains connecting Europe to/from China are running with no restrictions, but with possible delays on pre and post carriage by the truck service, on customs declarations.

Savino Del Bene is fully operative with its 36 offices between Canada, USA and Mexico. Canada and USA have applied new border controls, not to trade and commerce in order to keep supply chains open.

In USA each state is currently under different Stay at Home orders solely based on the progress of the COVID Coronavirus in their region. Canada and Mexico are moving towards to ease restrictions starting on May 11th, the USA Governors are beginning to announce timelines for relaxing strict measures taken to mitigate the coronavirus.

Air freight: the movements of essential goods is guaranteed, however since it became effective the restriction applied to passenger flight between North America and Europe, it caused a severe drop in the capacity available in this lane. While the airfreight capacity from Asia to North America is extremely tight.

Ocean freight: sea freight operations are fully operational, however due to the decrease in the carrier operations, some terminal and ports are working with reduced hours. The priority in all terminal is given to the movements of medical goods, and it is guaranteed also the movement for other goods.

Overland: demand for truck services within the US for the transport of essential goods is very congested. Road transport in Mexico is running for essential goods, but exports so far didn’t stop.

All Savino Del Bene offices in the region are handling business. Ports are operational but with delays due to the reduced staff and quarantine measures. The overall operational status of airports, truckers and customs is stable, however the capacity has been reduced drastically with the interruption of the passenger flights.

Argentina: Isolation is extended up to July 17th. Imports are not anymore reduced to essential goods.

Brasil: The numbers of contagion and deaths are increasing, it apparently have not yet reached the peak therefore it is not yet announced the phase 2, probably end of May. Sea freight and land transport is operative without any restrictions, while the airfreight experience a lack of capacity.

Chile: The lockdown is applied by regions. Transport of sea freight and airfreight is operative to ensure the flow of goods.

Colombia: National health emergency decreed until 31 May. Since last 27 April, however, the main production activities, construction and manufacturing, have been partially reopened. Ports, airports, land and customs operate normally, as well as all logistical activities, considered fundamental activities.

Costa Rica: Air borders will remain close till 30/06. Land borders are open only for cargo.

Cuba: Airports, Ports and related facilities will serve only authorized flights with passengers or cargo, due to health care and related reasons. Cargo transportations by land remain in force observing local health measures. This conditions will remain until further notice from Cuban officials, with a forecast of reopening airports as from next August 2020.

Dominican Republic: Currently on phase 2. There aren’t restrictions on airfreight and sea freight. To ensure the flow of goods there are charter freight services from Europe, and a bridge of flights from/to Miami.

Nicaragua: at the moment no official lockdown but all private company, shipping line and airlines  are on a self lock down with smart work impose for everyone. Air borders even if there is no restriction doesn’t have any passenger flight only few cargo one. Ports are working normally.

Panama: From March 25  was declared a state of national emergency, the end date has not been defined yet. everything is still closed and with total quarantine and dry law. Not yet announced when it will gradually reopen.

There are no restrictions for air or sea shipments. Air freight services are guaranteed through charter flight and air cargo service. The ports keep working without interruptions, but with difficulties.

Peru: Lockdown has been extended untill July 31st only for 7 regions. Lima/Callao is now open, anyway congestion problems in Callao port terminals are still present. Still no passengers flights are allowed.

Uruguay: The businesses started to open, construction works regularly. Freight transport works smoothly, the port and airport of Montevideo works normally, however with no passengers, there are only cargo flights.

Local authorities have introduced more stringent controls, despite the challenging environment, due also by the Ramadan celebration, Savino Del Bene offices in the region are fully operative and handling the business regularly.

Algeria: to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, Algeria closed its borders. The country is partially reopening, Blida is still in lockdown. Only cargo flights, and seafreight operations are regular but with delays, due to quarantine measures.

Republic of Congo: closed borders to travelers, but they remain open to freight, and opening forecast for June 1st. Passengers flight have been suspended, and ports authorities are operating regularly.

Egypt: is experiencing curfew from 9 pm till 6pm, only truck services are allowed to operate during these hours. Air flights have been reduced, and only cargo are allowed to fly. Sea freight is operational on day by day basis.

Ghana: the situation is stable in Ghana and almost all activities are back to normal with the exception of land borders and airport closure to human traffic till May 31st. The suspension of all international flights (except emergency, medical evacuation, cargo flights and landing for refuel) has been extended until end of May. The most affected department is the airport operations because PAX aircraft will not be allowed until May 31st, but only cargo planes.

Mozambique: is in a state of emergency until May 31st. Air freight operations are weak due to reductions of flights. Sea freights is regular but with delays in the operations. Most airlines are now cancelling their passenger flights but freighter aircraft remain operational.

South Africa: is now on stage 3 lockdown, most industries have been allowed to open with the necessary safety protocols in place.  Airports are operating with a restriction on the number of flights per day, but some local travel has resumed.  Ocean transport is permitted only for the shipment of cargo.  Essential imported goods will be prioritized through ports of entry.

Tunisia: Lockdown termination will be in progress over 3 phases, the governments hopes to fully restart the economic activity by June 14th. Passengers flights have been suspended and only cargo flights are operated. Seafreight activity is regular.

Local authorities called for more restrictive measures, moreover all operations have been reduced with the staring of the Ramadan in April 23rd and Savino Del Bene offices are operational in the region.

Iraq: restrictions will start to be relaxed from May 12th, but it will probably be extended to the Eid of Ramadan. There aren’t particular operational problems to Airports and ports.

Turkey: There is not a total lockdown, businesses are running but with reduced staff. For the airfreight service it is necessary to get the permission from customs and Trade Ministry to import medical supply, for all other goods can fly without special permissions. International flights are open only for cargo and not for passengers. Ocean freight is operational on regularly basis. Regarding the overland services, intermodal services are very active.

Countries in the region are returning operational based on local risk assessments, and governmental procedures. China returned to normal activity, while India had to extend the lockdown period. Savino Del Bene offices in this area are fully operative from office and in smart working in order to ensure the flow of goods.

China: About four months after the start of the Covid 19 pandemic, China has completely resumed production activities while the Guangdong province only partially. The long weekend of May 1 has just ended, which has taken on the meaning of revenge spending or the push to consumption both in the tourism sector for travel within China and for spending on consumer goods. Among other things, the Shanghai Municipal Council also sponsored the Spending festival by offering shopping coupons to citizens.

Considering that almost all the international passenger flights from China have been cancelled, the reduced airfreight capacity, the reduced airfreight capacity was put under even more pressure from the increasing global demand of China medical supply. This caused in every airports of China a congestion.The Chinese borders are still closed for entry.

Regarding seafreight services, after an almost normal recovery in the months of March and April, a certain decline is occurring as the lockdown in the rest of the world affects demand and the SSLines are having many blank salings and have in fact closed some routes due to problems quarantine measures.

India: the Central Government has extended the lockdown until 31 May 2020. However in this last extension named Lockdown 4.0 some of the States have started giving at their internal a few relaxations.

Japan: The Japanese Government extended the state of emergency until May 31. At the moment there are still no passenger flights to and from Japan. All permit visas are suspended until the end of May. Freight transport in general by air (mainly flights cargo) sea and land are active.

Kazakhstan: As per decree of President isolation period is till May 11, then will depend on actual situation in cities and regions. As concerns Almaty some of production/economic companies resumed their operation, remaining companies shall resume on mid-May.

South Korea: the government didn’t introduce a total lockdown. Seafreight logistics and overall supply chain remain stable with all trucking, customs clearance and warehousing operating as usual. Each visitor arriving in the country, even if permanent resident or with working visa, is subject to a period of 2 weeks quarantine. Recently the customers accept meeting upon appointment.

Savino Del Bene offices are fully operational, however countries in the region are returning to normal based on local risk assessments, and governmental procedures.

Cambodia: Government allowed to operate all the business sectors with social distancing from 20 April.

Singapore: Government will allow some essential companies to resume business operations gradually from 12th May 2020 while maintaining a partial lockdown until 01st June 2020 to curb the spread of Covid-19.

Indonesia: Jakarta Government only allowed essential sectors of the economy and business activities to operate (subject to the terms and SOPs set by the authorities) from 8th of April 2020 until 22nd of May 2020 at the moment. Surabaya Government only allowed essential sectors of the economy and business activities to operate (subject to the terms and SOPs set by the authorities) from 29th of April 2020 until 13th of May 2020 at the moment. Bali Government allowed all business activities to operate with social distancing.

Malaysian: Government allowed almost all sectors of the economy and business activities to operate all over the country from Monday 4th of May. The official end of the Movement Control Order (MCO) remains on the 12th of May at the moment.

Thailand: government allowed most of the business activities to operate follow the restriction set by May 1st.

Vietnam: Government allowed to operate all the business sectors with social distancing from 22nd April.

Australia: the situation is normal, in the state of Victoria there is a curfew in place for a period of 6 weeks, starting today August 3rd.

Airfreight: Most of the airlines have reduced or suspended flights, therefore capacity constraints.

Ocean Freight: Ports and terminal are open but with reduced hours, also due to the decrease of the volumes. Priority is given to essential goods such as goods and medical supply.