Solutions for the fruit and vegetable industry

In the fresh fruit and vegetables industry, speed and careful handling are crucial to guarantee the delivery of fresh and undamaged products anywhere in the world, in any time of the year.

For years, Savino Del Bene has been a reliable partner for producers of all kinds of fruits and vegetables, providing the highest level of care and timely delivery.

With its global network of offices, staffed by logistics experts, Savino Del Bene understands the fruit and vegetable industry’s unique needs. We offer efficient and flexible end-to-end shipping services to promote your international business growth.

Savino Del Bene has the passion and experience to find the best logistics solutions for your needs and to guarantee optimal processes to reduce costs and waste. A team of experts is always ready to provide service suitable for your product, your timeline, and your shipping destination.

Main Services


FCL ocean shipping service, using any type of equipment at controlled atmosphere with dry or reefer containers.


Express airfreight shipping, recommended for fruits and vegetables with very short seasonality and shelf life.


Providing the possibility to check the products’ temperature at origin and doing a controlled temperature pre-carriage.

Each stage of the shipment, from starting point to final destination, is monitored through our proprietary systems, including:

Track & Trace Track & Trace

po managment PO Management

dtrurs EDI system

The field to shelf services protect perishable goods through the adoption of customized SOP, aligned with the highest quality standards, and in compliance with national and international regulations.

Savino Del Bene ensures optimal temperature maintenance for each product throughout the entire supply chain, using specific systems to record temperature, both at origin and in transit. We also provide consulting for customs and phytosanitary certification.

A worldwide network of seasoned specialists regularly collaborates with industry leaders to develop and monitor best practices and trends, to bring knowledge of market channels to you.

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