IT solutions to support the entire logistics chain

Savino Del Bene has been strategically investing in Information Technology for more than 30 years, offering its clients the most innovative, versatile and competitive products.

Savino Del Bene IT is a division within Savino Del Bene Group, and it stemmed from the necessity to develop a personalized, proprietary IT system that offers a series of accessory applications to address to our clients’ requests. More than 50 specialists, including analysts, programmers, technicians, and developers work daily to continuously update Savino Del Bene’s entire IT system, known to be the most technologically advanced in the logistics industry.

Savino Del Bene tailors IT solutions to suit our diverse customers’ needs and different industrial sector requirements, to allow full visibility and system integration.

Savino Del Bene’s Web Portal serves as the gateway to its IT services, allowing online oversight of the supply chain, integrating the physical flow of goods with the electronic delivery of information through our proprietary software.

Main Services

PO Management Platform

The PO Management platform is a tool for tracking suppliers’ Purchase Orders, allowing you to monitor each order’s status in real time, through continuous updates from the operators involved in the shipment process. Through this platform, clients can request a personalized report according to their specific needs.

Track & Trace System

Track and Trace is our efficient and precise tool that allows you to monitor the performance of your shipping at each step of the delivery route. This software can create functional reports that allow 24-hour access to your shipping documentation.

WMS – Warehouse Management System

The Warehouse Management System is the in-house developed IT solution to manage warehouse logistics, used to organize, monitor and keep track of all shipping processes, reception, warehousing and final delivery. This modern tool, customized to the client’s diverse needs, helps finding the optimal solution to handle and move the inventory, always live-tracking both online transactions or through EDI exchange or personalized report.

EDI – Electronic Data Interchange

The Warehouse Management System allows you to manage warehouse logistics. Use it to organize, monitor, and keep track of all shipping processes, receiving, warehousing and final delivery. This modern, customizable tool helps you determine the optimal solution for inventory handling and transport, with live tracking of both online transactions and EDI exchanges or personalized reports.

Savino Del Bene provides a solid platform for integrated solutions and Business Intelligence programs that allow you to monitor and evaluate the supply chain, as well as innovative tools to optimize operative processes and worldwide planning for any business.

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