Insurance protection for all stages of the shipment

Goods safety and risk assessment are crucial for freight forwarding and a reliable insurance program is an absolute requirement when moving sensitive cargo. Savino Del Bene operates through a team of experts and procedures proven over the years, to safeguard the shipment integrity and find the best solution, tailored according to the kind of goods and to customer’s requirements.

Savino Del Bene offers an extremely reliable insurance program ensuing from the partnership with the best brokers and insurance companies. All shipment stages are covered by this program, from transport and storage to additional services, identifying appropriate insurance policies in case of special projects or sensitive commodities such as perishable and luxury goods as well as industrial plants.

Experience, reliability and concreteness are the basis of services provided by Savino Del Bene, that over the years has developed an insurance program and operating procedures shared by all offices worldwide. This gives customers the certainty of a service proved worldwide but always adaptive to customer’s needs.

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