Shipments by land

With its worldwide network of over 290 offices and correspondents based in strategic locations, Savino Del Bene offers domestic and cross-border truck services to ship your goods along all your business routes.

Our team of experts offers the most innovative customized solutions at the most competitive rates, always guaranteeing timely and safe deliveries.

Fully compliant with the highest quality standards, and in partnership with certified carriers, Savino Del Bene provides a wide range of door-to-door services and tailored solutions to our dedicated clients, always respecting environmental and safety regulations.

Main Services


Standard and special deliveries for fully-stocked trucks reducing costs and delivery times.


This groupage service manages deliveries of small quantities of goods with shared destinations at competitive rates, providing the client with flexible service.

Logistics Solutions

Savino Del Bene offers documentation consultancy and customs assistance, ensuring that your goods arrive at their final destination respecting the international regulations on the movement of goods, no matter the goods typology:

merci-pericolose Dangerous goods

carichi-temperatura-controllata Temperature-controlled goods

gestione-appesi Garments on Hangers

merci-valore Valuable goods

trasporti-speciali-fuori-sagoma Dedicated services

With its advanced security systems, Savino Del Bene ensures the integrity of your shipments using control devices and emergency services via GPS signal, armed guard services, and handling and stripping in supervised facilities.

The ability to open new routes to emerging countries as well as established trade centers is essential in our dynamic industry. Savino Del Bene provides integrated logistics solutions throughout Europe as well as Asian and Trans-Siberian routes, by road and by rail. We create tailored itineraries in which every operation from origin to destination, from warehousing to freight handling to customs clearance, is under our reliable management.

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