International shipping by sea

Ocean freight is an optimal choice for moving large volumes at low cost, and represents the largest portion of Savino Del Bene’s business.

We draw on decades of experience in all major global routes, a worldwide presence, and deep knowledge of the regulations governing international traffic and local customs, moving thousands of containers per year.

With strong relationships among major reliable and efficient maritime operators, Savino Del Bene offers flexible and competitive services, and manages large amounts of goods even during peak seasons, through guaranteed cargo spaces at competitive rates.

Main Services


The delivery of complete containers, allowing door-to-door service to and from any global destination. FCL is the optimal solution to deliver large quantities of goods operating by sea, road and rail transport.


When the customer wants to take advantage of maritime freight to ship, a relatively small volume of cargo, this service allows us to consolidate your shipment with other cargo that shares the same destination. Savino Del Bene offers LCL service on the most important maritime routes, both for dry goods and for controlled temperature goods.


Service for oversized goods or shipments that require special handling.


Specialized service for large goods. Whether it is a full or partial charter service, our team of experts deals with any request: from pickup to documentation management, from customs clearance to final delivery, providing you with a personalized and flexible service.

Logistics Solutions

Savino Del Bene relies on a long experience in the major global routes, a widespread presence in any location worldwide, a deep knowledge of the international traffic regulations and local customs. Savino Del Bene represents a reference partner for the shipment of your goods, which are constantly monitored from the pickup to final delivery.

contenitori-materiali-deperibili Perishable goods

merci-pericolose Dangerous goods

merci-fuori-sagoma Oversized goods

 Garments on Hangers

merci-temperatura-controllata Temperature-controlled goods

project-cargo Project cargo

Our operating system is connected to INTTRA, the electronic transaction platform that links freight-shipping lines with clients, allowing the fast and secure transfer of booking and security instructions through Electronic Data Interface (EDI).

Savino Del Bene monitors your shipment from pickup to final delivery, and employs protection systems integrated in all containers. On request, geo-fencing systems are available to report on the cargo’s location and any suspected tampering, and to call for immediate intervention of security personnel.

Clearance services, warehousing, distribution, IT services to monitor the deliveries and traceability are all additional services that complete ocean freight shipping and are tailored to the customer’s specific requirements and nature of the products.

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